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Sacred Heart's

Bells Choir

Welcome to Sacred Heart's Bells Choir.

Sacred Heart is proud to have the first and only Chaldean Bells choir in our community. This is a unique choir as they perform one single instrument.  This instrument becomes rich melodies and harmonies to help the faithful pray.  Each hand bell or chime is responsible for one note, when playing different bells together, it becomes a beautiful melody.  The sound of the bells fulfill the church as a prayer worthy enough for our Lord and God.  The best part of the team is when the whole choir performs in unity a hymn in melody. which symbolizes the faithful in full unity in praising God.  

Practice Date & Time

Practice Day:   Thursdays

Practice Time:  7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

(time varies when close to holidays)

Interested to Join?

Please feel free to ask for Bells Choir Directors, Maha and Amira when in church

or call the Office Manager at (586) 393-5809

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